Saturday, April 17, 2010


ok i have to vent a little so this may be a long post, let me let you all know how my morning went. I woke up around 6:30, took a shower for work, then realized we didnt have a whole lot of stuff for breakfast so me being a nice wife and great mother thought ok i will go to Walmart for what we need so i got home from Wally World around 7:30, i unpack the stuff and now its 7:40. At this point i am only showered nothing else. So my "wonderful" husband says can you make breakfast before you go (i have to leave the house at 8:15) In my head i thought really i need to hurry and go but i said to myself its ok just make breakfast. The baby is up now so i have to change her diaper, i make egg, sausage and cheese mc muffin like sandwiches along with oatmeal with apples. Okay it is now 8:10 i throw my hair up in a clip and tell my husband "ok i'm leaving now" WHAT DO YOU THINK HE SAYS?... "why didnt you do your makeup" ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME I JUST MADE YOU BREAKFAST WHEN I HAVE TO GO TO WORK AND YOUR NOT DOING ANYTHING!! (all of this I said in my head) I just looked at him with the look of death and went to my car and he says "why are you mad?" YOU'RE JOKING RIGHT. As if this is not enough i made myself a sandwhich and though i'd eat it on the way to work. What do you think happens...The egg yolk bursts and gets all over me so it is now around 8:20 i have to go back home and put on another shirt, i just run in and put on another shirt then run out the door again without even saying hi. I hope this day goes by fast.

i havent finished the dress i've just been super busy

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