Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Finally Finished her Dress

Here is her 3rd pillowcase dress. Maybe one day i will add a tutorial. Do you think it's cute?

I organized my craft room!

okay so i threw out a bunch of junk and organized my craft room here is a pic. Do you see that nasty chair i use, that is my next project it just doesn't know it yet. I so wish i had more room here. I have lots of stuff in a closet i need more storage space. Do you also see those 4 white jars... I got those at a yard sale today for a dollar ALL OF THEM. I just love yard sales. (sigh)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm so happy!!

Okay yes i know i havent gotten around to posting pics lately and whats a blog without pics but i will soon i promise. Anyway so you may wonder why am i happy well i have started to eat better, excersize, i applied for a new position at work, I sold a pillowcase dress on ETSY after a really long time of not having posted anything or sold (cuz nothing was posted) so i am excited i am getting back in the swing of things. So how have you been?

Saturday, April 17, 2010


ok i have to vent a little so this may be a long post, let me let you all know how my morning went. I woke up around 6:30, took a shower for work, then realized we didnt have a whole lot of stuff for breakfast so me being a nice wife and great mother thought ok i will go to Walmart for what we need so i got home from Wally World around 7:30, i unpack the stuff and now its 7:40. At this point i am only showered nothing else. So my "wonderful" husband says can you make breakfast before you go (i have to leave the house at 8:15) In my head i thought really i need to hurry and go but i said to myself its ok just make breakfast. The baby is up now so i have to change her diaper, i make egg, sausage and cheese mc muffin like sandwiches along with oatmeal with apples. Okay it is now 8:10 i throw my hair up in a clip and tell my husband "ok i'm leaving now" WHAT DO YOU THINK HE SAYS?... "why didnt you do your makeup" ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME I JUST MADE YOU BREAKFAST WHEN I HAVE TO GO TO WORK AND YOUR NOT DOING ANYTHING!! (all of this I said in my head) I just looked at him with the look of death and went to my car and he says "why are you mad?" YOU'RE JOKING RIGHT. As if this is not enough i made myself a sandwhich and though i'd eat it on the way to work. What do you think happens...The egg yolk bursts and gets all over me so it is now around 8:20 i have to go back home and put on another shirt, i just run in and put on another shirt then run out the door again without even saying hi. I hope this day goes by fast.

i havent finished the dress i've just been super busy

Friday, April 16, 2010

wish it was my friday

I dont like when everyone gets excited about friday when i still have to work tomorrow i want a weekend too.

Last night i started making Giuliana another pillowcase dress it is coming out nice, i would have finished it but i had to make a keychain for work (we needed a general key various people could have access to) . It came out nice i did it in our Chase colors and used felt sheets. I will post a pick for it later along with a pic of Giulianas new dress which i will finish tonight.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

am i supposed to be sad?

okay so this morning my monthly friend came which cleared doubts of me being preggers but i'm sad i really wanted a baby. even though its wrong only because i know its not the time, a little part of me wanted to be a selfish person. go away bad thoughts

thats what i'm talking about

I found this great craft room makeover found at one of my favorite places Better After they redid the closet to a craft room something i have been trying to convince my husband to do, maybe after is show him this he will say yes.

morning world

just woke up, i have to beat Giuliana to it in the morning cuz if she wakes up b4 me then nothing gets done. I go in at 9 today that isnt to bad. Our DM will be in visiting today i hope he's not there to long cuz he makes us all nervous. O and today i found out i am not pregnant. My monthly friend came and it was a sigh o relief since i hadn't had one since FEB 20th!! My husband sure was happy. I really want another one but will just have to wait, i need to lose all the weight (35lbs) i gained with Giuliana. Time to shower!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ok a little more about myself...

I am the fourth of 5 girls. My parents have been married for like 35 yrs (not all good all the time but they're hanging in there). I have 7 nephews and nieces on my families side and through my husband i have 5 nieces and one nephew on the way so i am an aunt to 12! almost 13! I have been married for a little over 2 yrs i just had my anniversary this past March. I work at Chase bank where i have been for about four yrs, i really like my job its rather easy and its close to home. My daughter whom is the love of my life (sorry honey) is now one and a half and is at the age where she is totally becoming her own person i love it she changes so much everyday. My husband is great he is from Mexico and has been in this country for about 5 yrs i'd say. We met at the bank he was a customer, i dont think that is aloud but it happend. I am christian a Jehovah's Witness to be exact and love my faith and hope everyone could have a relationship with God. I am pretty low key and somewhat a home body. My sisters names are...(in order from oldest to youngest) Patty, Jolieda, Bridget and Chantel. Well i'm sure you will get to know me more as time goes on thats all for now have a super night :)

Her 2nd pillowcase dress

i totally love these pics!!! Doesnt she look super cute!! She better after all i stayed up till 1 in the morning just to finish it and the next day we were off to the zoo!

Just and intro

Okay Here We Go...

My name is Princess Geovonie Jimenez de Enriquez, that is a mouthful i know; sometimes i regret keeping my dads last name and adding the whole de Enriquez part but ohh well nothing i can do about it now,...well i guess i could get divorced haha just kidding. So I will start by telling ya'll a little about myself i am a crafter i love to make bows, decorate onesies and have just learned (taught myself) how to sew. I am on a pillowcase dress making frenzie i absoultly love it. I can stay up till like 1 in the morning and just sew with no one to bother me it is great. Well i will post some more when i get home for the meantime i have to get back to work (they dont know im bloggin)

C ya