Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just and intro

Okay Here We Go...

My name is Princess Geovonie Jimenez de Enriquez, that is a mouthful i know; sometimes i regret keeping my dads last name and adding the whole de Enriquez part but ohh well nothing i can do about it now,...well i guess i could get divorced haha just kidding. So I will start by telling ya'll a little about myself i am a crafter i love to make bows, decorate onesies and have just learned (taught myself) how to sew. I am on a pillowcase dress making frenzie i absoultly love it. I can stay up till like 1 in the morning and just sew with no one to bother me it is great. Well i will post some more when i get home for the meantime i have to get back to work (they dont know im bloggin)

C ya

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